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Jingbian County is located in the north Shaanxi Province and the south-west of Yulin City. Jingbian is in northern Shaanxi region since ancient times, it is one of the most important docks in the land, and since 2002, the roads in and out of Jingbian are all well established, all the roads’ mileages reaches 1845.2 kilometers. State Road 307and State Road 210 are through over the county, the Qingyin and the ABei Expressway interchange in the county, the transited Zhongyin railway will be began to construct, Jingbian will become the transport hub of natural gas in the Western: Jingbian County is in the center of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Basin, which holds 320 billion cubic meters natural gas reserves, and is a world-class gas plant.

Map of Shaanxi Province

This Project is located in the north along the county road, which is 8 Km from the LNG Plant. The location of the Project is convenient for traffic, and the electricity, communications and facility can meet the demand of this project.

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